Board games


World of board games is a rich world. Their history goes back many many years ago and many nations took part in this history.

Top of board games

The oldest oneFound in Egypt (6 000 years ago)
The oldest one still playedGo (7thcentury BC)
The most perfect onesGo and Chess
The most wide spreead ones1. Checkers
2. Ludo
3. Chess
The easiest oneHorseshoe
The most complicated oneModern strategy games - Hyboria
The shortest oneMill (several seconds)
The longest oneHyboria (more than 5 years)
The smallest number of tokensWalking of the Black Queen (1 black)
The largest number of tokensGo (181 black, 180 white)
Most books written aboutChess
The greatest blow for playersWhen playing a board game where one's brain should be used, the advantage is on the play who begins the game. Theory says that he cannot lose because he is always one step ahead. In reality, it dos not work just because the first player does not know the winning strategy.

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